Report from 11th edition AI & Big Data Congress

What is AI & Big Data Congress?

Analysis of Big Data at the end of the twentieth century has moved the business into a new, innovative dimension. The new revolution is machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. Information remains a fundamental and key asset for the operation and development of an enterprise. Using data through artificial intelligence is a challenge, but also an opportunity to use much of the data that is generated and acquired in real time, both by business and by the public.

AI & Big Data Congress is the answer for the new technological revolution in business. The most important know–how consists of: data acquisition and use of real-time data, communication of various types of devices, machine learning and above all else, the use of artificial intelligence.

The event is a unique, prestigious and well-established meeting of the most important representatives of every business sector, government and local government, media and science. At the same time, it creates a unique opportunity to confront and exchange experiences with experts dealing with this specific and extremely growing business – not only in the AI & BIG DATA area, but also in the domestic and international markets, the practical use of technology and solutions. This strategic meeting has been a part of the business calendar. It brings together key representatives representing the area of ideas, knowledge and technology of the largest national and global companies in all business sectors. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish and deepen business relationships for all leaders who want to set the directions of development.

A high level of content is guaranteed by the Advisory Board, chaired by Mr. Tomasz Motyl. It consists of CEOs of the largest companies in the strategic industries. They look for additional competitive advantages through the use of modern technology. Topics at the Congress focus on the business use of customer data to bring the best possible deals; They address the issues of exploiting new opportunities and the chances and threats associated with them. Discussions will include practical case studies, post-implementation analysis, effective strategies, implementation and benchmarking. Thanks to the interdisciplinarity of the topics, solutions recommended in the discussions can be successfully implemented in many enterprises, institutions and the daily functioning of cities and society.

Advisory Board

Tomasz Motyl
Chairman of the Advisory Board
Witold Abramowicz
Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Board, Head of the PhD Program Data Science for Business and Administration, Chair of Department of Information Systems, The Poznan University of Economics and Business
Piotr Prajsnar
CEO, Cloud Technologies
Artur Waliszewski
Regional Business Director CEE, Google
Renata Juszkiewicz
President of The Trade and Distribution Organization
Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska
Assistant Professor, Kozminski University, visiting Research Fellow, Center for Collective Intelligence MIT Boston
Arkadiusz Seredyn
Vice President of the Management Board, CCO, Synerise
Krzysztof Bajołek

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