On the 23rd and 24th of September 2019, the AI & Big Data Congress took place at the Arche Hotel Krakowska. For the eleventh time, leading representatives from the world of business, administration, media and science have met to discuss progressing digitisation and solutions using artificial intelligence, automation and processing of large amounts of data. The autumn edition of the congress was held with the Innovative Manufacturing Forum. IndustryTech and brought more than 500 participants.

The opening ceremony of both congresses was led by the Chairman of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum. IndustryTech’s Advisory Board, Dariusz Piotrowski, VP, Director General, Dell Technologies Poland. Then there was the debate on modern enterprises, a presentation on industry 4.0 and a panel on an innovative approach to data based on new solutions. During the congress, great emphasis was placed on the acquisition, collection and analysis of data, redefinition of a modern enterprise and the practical use of 5G in the context of the future transformation of the organisation. On the first day, there were also Round Tables sessions. Discussions in small groups of experts were an excellent opportunity for networking and exchange of experience. At each of the 12 tables, participants and moderators conducted in-depth discussions on current topics related to the areas around AI, Big Data and Data Science.

The topics included:

  • Which areas of production can be optimised and which are undergoing a fundamental revolution thanks to ML and Big Data.
  • How to efficiently implement new people in times of 40% employee turnover
  • Robotic debt collection – use cases on what is the phenomenon of robot usability in telephone payment monitoring in debt collection departments?
  • Machine learning in business and not only
  • Data as an accelerator of Industry 4.0
  • How to conduct a pre-implementation analysis to run a new technology well?
  • AI & Data Science in industry
  • Robotisation of production processes in the light of Industry 4.0
  • Privacy, machine learning and behavioural biometrics. Where is your limit?
  • Involve production staff using gamification
  • How innovative business models based on Big Data shape reality?
  • How to build an effective strategy for using AI/ML in a production company?

On the second day, the AI & Big Data track focused on the use of artificial intelligence and the evolution of intelligent enterprises. There were also topics related to building competitive advantage based on data and effective robotisation of business processes. There were also issues related to cybersecurity, behavioural analysis mechanisms and data ownership issues. During the presentation of practical use cases, business representatives presented specific implementations that participants can use in their own enterprises.

Speakers of the 11th AI & Big Data Congress included:

  • Mateusz Chrobok, CEO, Digital Fingerprints
  • Maciej Dąbrowski, Director of the Strategy and Innovation Department, Santander Consumer Bank
  • Katarzyna Dorsey, CEO, Yosh.AI
  • Paweł Gniadkowski, CEO, Technology Director, Obido
  • Tomasz Huś, President of the Board, PZU LAB
  • Dariusz Królicki, Head of Business, Dronn
  • Maciej Stanusch, CEO, Stanusch Technologies
  • Anton Tarasiuk, Managing Director, Legal IT Group
  • Jakub Wojtakajtis, Head of Strategy, Otomoto.pl

The AI & Big Data Congress is an event during which participants have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and practical ways to implement the latest technologies.

The congress is realized as part of the activities of MMC Poland, organising prestigious congresses, conferences, workshops and business trainings dedicated to specialists, management staff and company boards.

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