The most important know-how of modern business is the knowledge about what data we have, how to understand them and how to use them in a business way. Information invariably is a basic and essential resource that guarantees functioning and company development. Big Data Volumes are a challenge but also an opportunity to use lots of data that are generated both by the public, administration and business.

Race in a competitive environment requires the ability to capture, analyze and combine data from different sources. The need to keep up with customer expectations, identify trends, habits and expectations that can be analyzed in real time demands a comprehensive approach to data management system. Big Data is the key to success of a modern company and the key to increase its competitiveness in a dynamically changing business environment. Idea, talent, understanding of what we want to achieve, choice of the appropriate product platform are core of the success of use of such solutions.

How to acquire data? Where to buy them? How to optimally analyze? Finally, how conclusions drawn from the analysis should be effectively implemented and used to build a competence advantage? The key to solve these and other issues is Big Data.

Big Data is the response to one of the most important business topics in the region, which are the ability to use data, communication between different types of devices and creation of an ecosystem of products and services.

The event is a unique, prestigious and well-established on the market meeting of the most important representatives of each business sector, government and local administration, media and science specialists. At the same time it creates a unique opportunity to confront and exchange experiences with experts in this specific and extremely fast developing unit of the business who are involved not only in the Big Data area, but also participating in national and international market exchanges and engaged in practical use of technologies and solutions. This strategic meeting has already permanently inscribed in the business calendar, bringing together the most important representatives with the idea, knowledge and technology experience, from all of the largest domestic and global business sectors. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen business relationships for all of the leaders who want to shape the future.

The guarantor of a high level of expertise is Advisory Board chaired by Mr. Tomasz Motyl. It consists of presidents of the largest companies from strategic sectors that are seeking additional competency advantages through the use of new technologies. Topics discussed during the Congress focus on the business use of customer data in order to bring the best offer; they consider issues of new opportunities usage and associated with them chances and risks. As a part of the discussion there will be practical case studies and post-implementation analysis presented and also effective strategies, implementations and benchmarks discussed. Thanks to interdisciplinary of discussed topics, recommended solutions during debates can be successfully implemented in many companies, institutions and in everyday functioning of cities and society.

Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer for Teradata Corporation
The focus on Big Data is very important across multiple industries. If you want to compete effectively you have to be able to use data in more sophisticated way than just reporting. So I think it’s great to gather the community together and have this sort of exchange of ideas on emerging techniques and how to get value from Big Data, how to cultivate organizations and skill sets within organizations to get the most out of big data assets

Aleš Bartůněk, General Manager, Poland & Baltics, IBM
The solutions built on Big Data and Analytics are being created around us. The result will bring a significant market shift of what at first looks like very small steps, small adjustments. We need to follow and forecast changes, as data becomes indispensable in more and more industries.