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Day I – 24th of May 2017


8:30 – 09:30 Registration

9:30 – 09:50 Opening & Introduction

Trends driving our world today and tomorrow – setting the scene for the FutureTech Congress

Marcin Petrykowski, Vice-president of the Advisory Board, Managing Director, S&P Global
Dorota Zimnoch, International expert industry Fintech and Insurtech

09:50 – 10:05 KEYNOTE SPEECH

Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Minister of Economic Development and Finance

10:05 – 10:35 KEYNOTE SPEECH

"The Autonomous Internet Of Everything"
5 minutes intro quiz for audience, 15 minutes Guest’s quiz conclusion and presentation about the futuristic perspective of the surrounding environment, 10 minutes for Q&A

James Felton Keith, Chairman of International Personal Data Trade Association, USA

10:35 – 10:50 KEYNOTE SPEECH

Culture & Innovation in fintech trends

Ghela Boskovich, Founder of FemTechGlobal / Head of Partnership at StartupBootCamp, UK

10:50 – 11:05 KEYNOTE SPEECH

Fintech impact on future life.

Chris Skinner, Writer, Fintech Commentator, Chair of the Financial Services Club, The Finanser, UK

11:05 – 11:35 Debate: What is the future of human and where will it take us in 2020?

Speakers in discussion:
Ghela Boskovich, Founder of FemTechGlobal / Head of Partnership at StartupBootCamp, UK
Chris Skinner, Writer, Fintech Commentator, Chair of the Financial Services Club, The Finanser, UK
Marcin Petrykowski, Managing Director, S&P Global

11:35 – 11:50 KEYNOTE SPEECH

“Are you ready for the digital future?”

Spriros K. Margaris, Founder & Venture Capitalist, Margaris Advisory, Switzerland

11:50 – 12:20 Debate: How does futuristic vision translates into business – practical dimension

Speakers in discussion:
Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata Corporation, USA
Witold Jaworski, CEO, NIO, former CEO of Allianz between 2013-2014
Cezary Stypułkowski, CEO, mBank
Ralph Talmont, Speaker, Author and Sensemaker; Team Leader for TEDxWarsaw

12:20 - 12:50 DEBATE

Investors perspective key trends

Speakers in discussion:
James Felton Keith, Chairman of International Personal Data Trade Association, USA
Jacek Levernes, President of ABSL; CEO of Finteco; Cornerstone Partners
Adam Niewiński, Vice President of the Management Board, Pekao SA
Łukasz Wejchert, Founder, Dirlango

12:50 - 13:00 PRESENTATION

Data Center of the future - secure, efficent & fault tolerant
Bartłomiej Danek, Vicepresident of the Board, Beyond.pl

13:00 - 13:30 Networking break

Day I – 24th of May 2017


13:30 - 14:10 Keynote speech

„Autonomous Decision-Making, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence:  What Does It All Mean and Why Should You Care?”

Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Oficer, Teradata Corporation

14:10 – 14:40 Keynote speech

Digitizing the physical world

Scott Neuman, Global Marketing Director IBM Watson IoT

14:40 - 15:50 Debate: The rise of modern technologies in business: is replacement of human beings with AI the best possible solution?

Block host: Ministry of Economic Development

  • The rise of AI: should it become a manager instead of an assistant?
  • Human beings vs. AI: in which areas would the machine be more effective? How will job reduction affect business and what benefits could replacement of human beings offer?
  • Virtual sales assistant: how will AI development in the industry affect customer service and satisfaction?
    • Social media: is it possible to collect additional customer data in real time?
    • How to collect and store data (requirements, needs, expectations) obtained during virtual customer service
    • Undecided customers: is it possible for AI at this stage of development to apply persuasion and product recommendation techniques in the manner similar to a professional salesperson?
  • Artificial intelligence, adaptive algorithms, new generation of malware: are we ready for intelligent threats both inside and outside the organization? What security measures should an average user apply when interacting with AI?

Tim Peters, Partner, Arthur D. Little

Tomasz Domański, Principal Data Engineer, Teradata
Scott Neuman, Global Marketing Director IBM Watson IoT
Wojciech Olechno, Head of B2B Sales, Samsung Electronics
Paweł Tulin, Lead VX Designer, G2A.COM

15:50-16:00 Q&A

16:00 Lunch

19:00 FutureTech Night for Platinum & Diamond Tickets Holders

Day II – 25th of May 2017


8:00 – 09:00 Registration

9:00 - 9:20 Opening of the 2nd day of the Congress

9:20 - 9:40 Case study

Affective data and what to make out of it

Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska, Assistant Professor, Kozminski University, visiting Research Fellow, Center for Collective Intelligence MIT Boston

9:40 - 10:50 Debate: How to find and attract a customer in a business/commercial jungle?

  • What do we know and what will we know about the customer, and how should that information be used when preparing a customized offer?
  • Don’t speak too much, keep to the point: from a monolog to a dialog. Big Data in the transfer from mass communication to personalized one-2-one communication
  • Fast, easy, nice, with new benefits: evolution of sales models
  • Fast, faster, you know where to find me: logistics at times of growing expectations
  • I expect you to know who you’re talking to and what I want to talk to you about: evolution of support and change in customer service processes

Daniel Arak, Co-Founder and Board Member, ITMAGINATION
Guillaume de Colonges, CEO and General Director, Carrefour Poland
Renata Juszkiewicz, President of the Trade and Distribution Organization
Piotr Kaznowski, Customer Marketing Director, Mars Polska
Pedro Martinho, Member of the Management Board, Eurocash
Giorgio Tsoupis, Business Development Manager, SALESmanago

10:50 - 11:00 Q&A

1:1 FireChat: “Modern technologies & business operations – how to adapt to dynamic changes?”

Piotr Buszka, Board Member, Ultimo S.A.

11:00 – 11:20
Joao Bras Jorge, President of the Management Board, Bank Millennium

11:20 – 11:40
Aleksandra Łucja Jaworska, Business Consultant, Atos Global Delivery Center Polska

11:40 – 12:00
Paul Higgins, CTO, Crowd Valley Inc, USA

12:00 - 12:30 Networking break

12:30 - 12:45 Keynote Speech

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor

12:45 - 13:00 Keynote Speech

Big Data – big challenges for data protection.

Edyta Bielak-Jomaa, General Inspector for Personal Data Protection

13:00 - 13:50 Debate:

The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on solutions based on Big Data processing

Block host: GIODO

  • The need to protect privacy and personal data: profiling, disclosure obligation, privacy by design, PIA, seemingly anonymized data – how to avoid the traps?
  • Big data = Big Responsibility. Challenges for companies, i.e. how to prepare for the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (economic aspects).
  • Performance of public tasks in the context of implementation of the GDPR: are public authorities prepared for the application of new personal data protection regulations?
  • Codes of conduct and certification in the GDPR: a step towards identification of the best practices in business?

Paweł Makowski, General Counselor of Inspector General, GIODO

Maciej Bluj, Deputy Mayor of Wroclaw, Municipality of Wroclaw
Piotr Mechliński, Country Leader for Government and Banking, IBM
Ireneusz Piecuch, Partner, CMS
Jakub Turowski, Head of Public Policy for Poland, Facebook
Gertruda Uścińska, President of the Social Insurance Institution

13:50 - 14:00 Q&A

14:00 - 14:30 Case study

How African tech uses AI

Marek Zmysłowski, International Development Director, Unified Factory S.A.

14:30 - 14:50 Case study

“See the whole story in your data – how to combine your data closed in various systems and transform it into business benefits.”

Piotr Kowal, Presales Team Leader, Qlik

14:50 - 15:50 Debate: Technological aspects of implementing Big Data solutions in business

Block host: IBM

  • How to prepare your company for implementing Big Data solutions:
    • What problems might arise during the implementation and how can they be solved?
    • Cost calculation: how to implement a solution which does not cost more than the value of benefits
    • Big Data team: resources, competencies and its place in the organization
    • Data management
  • Big Data solutions and technological platforms
    • Customized solutions: how to avoid solutions that do not meet the requirements
    • Solutions in the classic model
    • Cloud-based solutions
    • Uses of Open Source software

Arkadiusz Wiśniewski, Analytics Center Of Competence Director, IBM Analytics, Central & Eastern Europe
Arkadiusz Kalemba, COO & Board Member, Energy Data Lab, ATENDE GROUP
Leszek Maśniak, Chief Data Officer, Political Cabinet of the Minister of Digital Affairs
Tomasz Motyl, Chief Innovation Officer, Alior Bank
Michał Możdżonek, Member of the Management Board, Social Insurance Institution
Artur Pollak, President of the Management Board, APA Group

15:50 - 16:00 Q&A

16:00 Lunch