On 1-2 October 2018, the AI & Big Data Congress, the event dedicated to the gaining and usage of data in real time, communication through various types of devices, machine learning and above all else, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, took place. During the two-day congress, more than 600 participants were gathered, to be up to date with the newest trends of AI & Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence is the most important technological trend of 2018, which in an oddly fast tempo, is revolutionizing our world. Participants of the event got to know the possibilities of this futuristic technology and prepare for the upcoming changes which will soon influence all sectors of the economy. From the practical side, the topic of using data was brought closer to the participants.

The event started with the joint session of the AI & Big Data Congress and the BlockchainTech Congress. The inaugural opening of the event, which was hosted by the Chairmen of the Advisory Boards: Tomasz Motyl and Norbert Biedrzycki, was an introduction to the inspiring speech of Neil Walker, who spoke about the shaping of the future.
During the panels, an influence was put on the practical implementations of modern technology in business. Topics were discussed from various perspectives – finances and banking, medicine, clients, industry and marketing. There was also no lack of the newest technological trends.

The first day of the AI & Big Data Congress was dedicated to the creation and implementation of AI tools, but the second was regarding marketing issues and a new approach to clients. The congress presented the direction in which the world is aiming and gave pragmatic examples of implementations which have already taken place in companies. This happened mostly thanks to the large amount of use cases, which were presented by Guests from Poland and abroad. The great speakers spoke about their own experiences of using artificial intelligence and big data collections.

There was no lack of the most up-to-date topics of recent times: gaining human resources. The second day of the event had a HR panel, during which the tough and important problem of todays times were discussed by experts from DHL, Budimex, Generali and Gamfi. There was also the topic of Millenials, which is a big challenge on the current work market.

An interesting addition to the AI & Big Data Congress was the introduction of the Round Tables session, for the very first time. It wasn’t only to allow for the expression of one’s own opinion on the given subject, but also an unrepeatable chance to look at the topic from various perspectives. Experts ran the specialized tables covering the following topics:

  • Data quality: how to automate data processing? How to gain on it and draw conlusions?
  • How can employees of the Millenials generation be motivated? How to find employees for the Data Science department?
  • Client Profiling: How to build marketing and communication strategies based on data from the biggest consumer and lifestyle research in Poland
  • Machine Learning, AI and Big Data in cybersecurity
  • Automation. Factory 4.0, made-up marketing, or a real market need?

Speakers of the 9th AI & Big Data Congress included: Neil Walker, Michał Kozicki, dr Paweł Rzeszuciński, Hubert Rachwalski, Edward Weatherall, Dr Paweł Rzeszuciński, Sylwia Bilska, Olaf Piotrowski, Cezary Mączka, Tina Sobocińska and Indrek Vainu.

Partners of the 9th AI & Big Data Congress

Strategic Partners: Atende, BIK, Dell EMC, Finiata, Heyka Capital Markets Group, Vivus.  

Partners: Havas Media Group, TUATARA, iwoca, AlphaBlues, Advantech, SentiOne, SALESmanago, CallPage, Abak, PROFESCAPITAL, Gamfi

Logistical Partner: mytaxi

We invite you to view the full photo gallery of the 9th AI & Big Data Congress.

The event was organized by MMC Poland.