Using artificial intelligence in industry is a topic which has only recently been in business. Is the use of this term in this context over exaggerated? Is the idea of learning algorithms supporting production from the perspective of the Polish market far-fetched? We are certainly dealing with a large amount of data that needs to be skillfully managed. The spring edition of the AI & Big Data Congress which will be taking place on 12th-13th of March 2019 at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, will deal with the practical use of data.

How does data change the world of production?

The statistics speak for themselves. 75% of data is not used by companies. That creates a wide area to work on, even more so for the production sector. Wisely used environmental data could be ideal material for predicting failures, even two weeks in advance. The biggest challenge is to process and prepare this information to make it useful for further analysis. Here the question arises, which data can be entered into the algorithm, because only then can one talk about the development of artificial intelligence. This topic will be exposed at the AI & Big Data Congress which is a platform for talks on the future of production automation. Data is also present in broadly understood marketing. Using the help of technology companies, it changes the thinking about contemporary advertising, which is increasingly becoming a modern, personalised method of communication.

Futuristic vision of business

AI definitely brings revolution and changes the face of the future of business. From the media, we learn about a wide range of artificial intelligence applications, including the recruitment of employees, the valuation of vehicle damage or detection of traffic jams. Despite the unquestionable advantages of implementing AI, one should also be aware of the risks that are associated with it. It creates a platform for bold discussions on the collection of information about citizens, undesirable behaviours of AI or laws and prejudices that are burdened with artificial intelligence. Speaking of the future, the trends in the country and around the world cannot be missing. The idea to get to know the direction in which business is heading is to create space for startups that, by presenting their projects, will give a handful of inspiration to work.

The last edition of the congress turned out to be a huge success. More than 600 participants across both days of the event could find about topics including the creation and implementation of AI tools, marketing issues and a new approach to customers. The 9th AI & Big Data Congress presented the direction in which the world is aiming and provided pragmatic examples of implementations which have already taken place in companies. This took part mostly thanks to the high amount of use cases which were presented by guests from Poland and around the world. Great speakers spoke about their experiences in using artificial intelligence and big data collections. – The AI & Big Data Congress is a unique event at a national scale, because from one side, it’s a business meeting but not only does it bring people from management, but also those who work daily with technology. During the event, we can listen to what is close to production, what are the plans for the coming years and what’s new in the world of technology, what has been implemented, what has been successful, but also what the challenges have been – said Paweł Rzeszuciński, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist, Codewise, member of Forbes Technology Council and the European AI Alliance. During this edition, as with the previous, the round tables session will be included in the agenda. The formula, loved by previous participants, allows many perspectives on the same topic to collide. It’s an element of the congress during which participants may talk and, in a small group, discuss select problems from the area of artificial intelligence and the processing of big data collections.

The conclusion of the first day of the AI & Big Data Congress will be the Industry & AI Night. During the event, awards will be presented during the AI Awards Competition in the following categories:

  • AI Innovator
  • Big Data Innovator
  • Person of the Year

Awards are recognised by the independent Competition Jury, seated by representatives of a wide spectrum of topics, boasting recognition in Poland, which affects the objectivity in the selection of winners.

The congress is realized within the MMC Poland Group, organising prestigious congresses, conferences, workshops and business training sessions in Poland dedicated to specialists, managerial staff and company boards.