On the 18th of April 2018 at 19:00 at The Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, the Grand Gala – SecureTech & Big Data Night took place. During the gala, awards were presented as part of the SecureTech Awards and Big Data Awards competitions. The event was hosted by Marcin Prokop.
Among the winners of the SecureTech Awards were:
SecureTech Future – BIKFor preparing the Cyber Fraud Detection Platform, which is a group of services and tools introducing the opportunity to additionally identify the device being used by contact with the client – telephone, tablet or computer. The platform performs a review of the threat level connected with the device, eliminating the possibility of potential over-use in digital channels.

The award was received by Rafał Bednarek, Vice-President of the Management Board, Biura Informacji Kredytowej S.A.

SecureTech Work Place – Microsoft

For the Microsoft 365 system – an intelligent and secure solution which connects Office 365, Windows 10 and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. The system guarantees employees of a given organization the appropriate conditions to work and develop.

The award was received by Paweł Jakubik, Member of the Management Board, Director of Digital Transformation in the Cloud, Microsoft

SecureTech Project – Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A

For the idea of building a strong E-CERT, or the Computer Incident Response Team, for the entire power sector, and undertaking a number of initiatives that are aimed at raising the level of cyber security. For the achievements and commitment of CERT PSE, which is also appreciated internationally. In 2017, the PCE Incident Response Team joined two international organizations: APWG – Anti-Phishing Work Group and FIRST.

The award was received by Adrianna Konczalska-Bogucka, Director of the Communication Department, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.

SecureTech Best Practice – mBank

For extensive educational activities among their clients and in the media through the „Careful on the Web” campaign depicted in the form of short films. Educational activities are also conducted at meetings with cyber security specialists, so they have a real impact on the increase of awareness and the fact that this topic is ceasing to be taboo.

The award was received by Iwona Ryniewicz, Director of the Communication and and Marketing Strategy Department, mBanku.

Among the winners of the Big Data Awards were:

Polish Big Data & AI – TogetherData

For the data researchers at TogetherData for helping companies use the potential of Big Data in practice. They show on the living body of the company how to convert the information collected by it into real financial capital. TogetherData created, among others, intelligent chatbots that streamline the online customer service process.
The award was received by Michał Grams, President of the Management Board, TogetherData and Paweł Brach, Vice-President of the Management Board, TogetherData.

AI Innovator – Deepsense.ai

For an innovative view of the future. Among the achievements of deepsense.ai are: algorithms used to predict dangerous seismic phenomena and protect against them, to effectively diagnose diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, or to improve the national defense of the United Kingdom by means of satellite image analysis.
The award was received by Tomasz Kułakowski, CEO, deepsense.ai.

Big Data Solution – Cloud Technologies

For the extensive scale of activity both on the Polish and international market. Cloud Technologies is a company that successively introduces Polish companies into the world of advanced Big Data analysis. Cloud Technologies has created one of the largest data warehouses in the world about the interests of Internet users, which currently processes over 12 billion anonymous Internet users from 200 countries around the world. Data collected and processed by Cloud Technologies allow marketers to personalize advertising campaigns on the web and expand Business Intelligence class solutions in companies.
The award was received by Piotr Prajsnar, CEO, Cloud Technologies.

Partners of the Grand Gala – SecureTech & Big Data Night: Atende, Dell EMC, Mash, BIK, BIG Info Monitor, MCX Pro, Asseco, Screen Network, CallPage, Sartorial, Exuma Gym, mytaxi.

We invite you to view the full photo gallery of the Grand Gala.
Organizer of the event is MMC Poland.