11th AI & Big Data Congress: In what direction are modern enterprises

On the 23rd and 24th of September 2019, the AI & Big Data Congress took place at the Arche Hotel Krakowska. For the eleventh time, leading representatives from the world of business, administration, media and science have met to discuss progressing digitisation and solutions using artificial intelligence, automation and processing of large amounts of data. … Continue reading »

Industry & AI Night Grand Gala

On the 12th of March 2019 at 19:00 in The Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, the Industry & AI Night Grand Gala took place, during which awards were presented as part of the AI Awards competition. The event and Children’s Fantasy Foundation Auction was hosted by Agnieszka Cegielska. Among the laureates of the AI Awards competition were: … Continue reading »

AI implementation in industry during the 10th AI & Big Data Congress

Using artificial intelligence in industry is a topic which has only recently been in business. Is the use of this term in this context over exaggerated? Is the idea of learning algorithms supporting production from the perspective of the Polish market far-fetched? We are certainly dealing with a large amount of data that needs to … Continue reading »

Advisory Board Meeting of the 10th AI & Big Data Congress

On the 11th of December 2018, the Advisory Board Meeting of the 10th edition of the AI & Big Data Congress took place. During the upcoming season, the Congress will be partnered with the Innovative Manufacturing Forum. IndustryTech, thanks to more emphasis than in previous editions, the debates will touch on topics such as the … Continue reading »

AI as a key to the future – 9th AI & Big Data Congress

On 1-2 October 2018, the AI & Big Data Congress, the event dedicated to the gaining and usage of data in real time, communication through various types of devices, machine learning and above all else, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, took place. During the two-day congress, more than 600 participants were gathered, to be up … Continue reading »

The future according to the AI & Big Data Congress

Artificial Intelligence can recognize documents, robots complete electronic files, recognize speech, images and analyze behavior, artificial creations are already here! Today, artificial intelligence is used to increase business benefits. Soon, it will be publically used as standard. On 1-2 October 2018 at The Westin Warsaw Hotel, the AI & Big Data Congress is taking place, … Continue reading »