Artificial Intelligence can recognize documents, robots complete electronic files, recognize speech, images and analyze behavior, artificial creations are already here! Today, artificial intelligence is used to increase business benefits. Soon, it will be publically used as standard. On 1-2 October 2018 at The Westin Warsaw Hotel, the AI & Big Data Congress is taking place, which allows to confront the complexity of modern technologies.Practice above all else

For artificial intelligence to become a standard, specific facts are needed. It is important to show the trend in which the whole world is moving and provide pragmatic examples of implementations that already have been applied in companies. During the autumn edition, AI & Big Data Congress will focus on specific projects and business use cases. Excellent speakers will talk about their experiences of using artificial intelligence. The group of industry authorities will underline positive examples of the use of modern technologies. It is worth looking at robotization, not by fear of the liquidation of jobs, but by examples of how it will facilitate and change the work organization. According to the latest data, the implementation of AI systems in 2016-2020 in the US will bring 60 billion in savings! So you do not have to be afraid of new technology, only to be on a regular basis with such meetings as AI & Big Data Congress. The subject of data, the number of which is huge and constantly growing, will also be presented from the practical side. It is not without reason that they say data is the currency of the 21st century! Analyzing and using such amounts of business information is a difficult task facing most organizations. Big data is something that is really big at the moment. It is worth talking about new technologies, how to use data, which we did not dream about a few years ago. At the congress you can also hear how this data will be acquired in the future, emphasizes Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa, President of the Board, Virgin Mobile.

Millenials in innovation services

An important issue to address during the event will be acquiring human resources to work in companies that implement modern business models. Currently, as many as 450,000 candidates apply for admission to university, and 10% choose IT. New directions are emerging which respond to the demand of the labor market. Data Science, in which 56 people applied for one place and Data Analysis with a record number of 66 candidates for the place. Young people more and more often choose strict directions in the broadly understood IT industry. Is it enough to find a good employee who will be able to follow the rapid changes that are taking place in the modern technology industry? Here, the defeated Y generation comes to the rescue. People of this generation want to do something important, to fulfill themselves and what they do, to influence the reality. Money is not everything for them, and they see value in co-creating something exalted and innovative. Maybe this is the answer how to get employees who meet the challenges of rapidly changing technologies? There are more and more brave, future ideas, but there are no people who dare to take it. The experts gathered at AI & Big Data Congress will lean over this difficult and important problem of today.

Participation at the IX AI & Big Data Congress has been confirmed by:

  • Sylwia Bilska, Board Member, Customer Director, Central Europe, Tesco
  • Maciej Malenda, Innovation and New Business Director, Medicover
  • Cezary Mączka, Board Member, Director of the Human Resources Management Division, Budimex
  • Hubert Rachwalski, CEO, Nethone

For emphasizing the importance of practice, noticing the problem in finding highly qualified employees, as well as baccalaureate such topics as deep-learning, machine learning, neural networks, personalization of the offer for the client, securing data sources, new marketing, customer profiling, employee evaluation, monetization of traffic , the AI & Big Data Congress Advisory Board answers, chaired by Tomasz Motyl and Prof. dr hab. Witold Abramowicz. Thanks to the well-chosen range of agenda topics of the autumn meeting, the event will be a repetition of the great success of the previous edition.

The congress is realized within the operations of MMC Poland group, organizing prestigious conferences, workshops and business training in Poland, dedicated to specialists, managerial staff and company boards.

More information about the AI & Big Data Congress can be found on the official project website: as well as social media profiles on facebook and twitter.